病态肥胖是一种复杂的慢性疾病. 肥胖或病态肥胖会导致不良的健康状况. These conditions - whether alone or in combination - can significantly impact your quality of life and reduce your life expectancy.


Weight-loss surgery procedures provide the best long-term results when all other therapies have failed.

减肥手术不是一个“魔棒”程序, but complements diet and 锻炼 in helping overweight patients achieve long-term health and wellness goals.

你的健康对我们很重要. Because weight-loss surgery is life changing, the procedure involves more than the surgery itself. 它还包括:

  • 咨询
  • 长期护理协调
  • 营养和生理评估
  • 心理评估
  • 支持团体


MaineGeneral's Bariatric Center provides individuals who are obese or morbidly obese with gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgical options to help them along a lifelong path of improved health.

您将成为我们综合项目的一部分,其中包括私人教练, 锻炼课程和每周的支持小组.



  • By making a small stomach pouch, the amount of food you can eat at any one time is restricted.
  • 其次, bypassing a portion of the gastrointestinal tract makes your body less efficient at absorbing nutrients (calories).
  • 结果是每天摄入的卡路里少于身体所需的量, 能有效减肥.
  • 大多数病人在手术后都不觉得饿. 当你同时改变饮食习惯时,你就成功了.
  • 接受胃旁路手术的病人的恢复时间通常是两周.



Gastric sleeve surgery — also called sleeve gastrectomy — is performed laparoscopically.

  • 外科医生做小切口而不是一个大切口.
  • The surgeon inserts a viewing tube with a small camera (laparoscope) and other tiny instruments into these small incisions to remove part of the stomach.
  • 剩下的管状胃用钉钉封住.
  • 在某些情况下, gastric sleeve surgery may be followed by gastric bypass surgery after the patient has lost a significant amount of weight.
  • This “staged” approach to weight-loss surgery makes the second procedure less risky than it would have been if it was the first and only procedure.
  • The second surgery usually occurs within six to 18 months, depending on the patient’s weight loss.


接受减肥手术的患者BMI通常大于40, which means being overweight by 100 pounds or more for men or 80 pounds or more for women.

手术 also may be an option if you have a BMI between 35 and 40 and suffer from chronic or life-threatening complications from your obesity.

Your BMI is a measurement that will help you determine if you're a candidate for weight-loss surgery.





  • 大多数患者体重迅速减轻,并持续18至24个月.
  • 大多数病人会减去并保持50%到80%的多余体重.
  • 像糖尿病这样的疾病, 高血压, 高胆固醇的问题, acid reflux disease and sleep apnea commonly improve or completely resolve after the surgery.
  • 当你减肥时,你对工作、家庭和日常活动的忍耐力将会提高.


任何大手术都有风险,这里是0.全国减肥手术的死亡率为5%. 胃袖和胃旁路手术的风险包括:

  • 肺部的血块;
  • 麻醉和药物引起的并发症;
  • Deep vein thrombosis; and
  • 伤口感染.



Prospective patients must undergo a rigorous screening process that includes psychiatric and nutritional evaluation and counseling. 它包括以下步骤:

  • Referral by your primary care provider and attendance at an informational session before your first surgical consult.
  • Referral for psychiatric and nutrition evaluations and at least two nutrition counseling sessions after your first consult. 膳食访问的次数由您的保险范围决定.
  • A preauthorization request form completed by the Bariatric Center staff to your insurance company after we receive the necessary evaluation and counseling documentation.
  • All prospective patients should contact their insurance provider to determine how much of the cost will be covered by their plan.



肥胖是身体脂肪的过度积累,会导致疾病甚至死亡. 根据美国国立卫生研究院, 20 percent or more over ideal body weight is where excess weight becomes a health risk and a person is considered obese.

Obesity becomes "morbid" when it greatly increases the risk of one or more obesity-related health conditions or serious diseases that can lead to significant physical disability or death.

"Overweight" is defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 29 and obesity is defined as a BMI equal to or higher than 30. 病态肥胖的定义是体重达到100磅. 或超过理想体重,或BMI达到40或更高.


其原因是多重而复杂的. 研究表明,如果一个人有遗传肥胖的倾向, efforts such as dieting and 锻炼 have limited ability to provide long-term success.

You should not consider current medical interventions, including surgery, as cures for obesity. They are attempts to reduce the effects of excessive weight and alleviate serious physical, 情绪和社会后果, 以及健康的饮食和锻炼习惯.



2004年的一项里程碑式的研究 美国医学协会杂志 发现减肥手术改善或解决2型糖尿病, 高血压, 睡眠呼吸暂停和高胆固醇是大多数病态肥胖患者的症状.

病人 involved in the study had lost 55 to 70 percent of their excess weight one year after bariatric surgery.


Weight loss following bariatric surgery results from limiting how much the stomach can hold. 这种类型的手术也推迟了胃的排空(胃袋).

Surgical and bypass procedures are often combined to limit calorie and nutrient absorption and may lead to altered food choices.


Most patients lose weight rapidly immediately after surgery and continue to lose for the next 18 to 24 months. 虽然大多数患者体重开始反弹,但几乎没有人能完全反弹. 减肥手术也能改善大多数与肥胖相关的健康状况.


任何大手术都有风险,这里是0.全国减肥手术的死亡率为5%. 胃袖和胃旁路手术的风险包括:
  • 肺部的血块;

  • 麻醉和药物引起的并发症;

  • Deep vein thrombosis; and

  • 伤口感染.
Other risks for each procedure will be discussed at your first consult with one of our surgeons.


我们提供胃分流术和胃袖手术选择. Choosing the right surgery involves many factors, including your preference and eating habits.这个选择最好和你未来的外科医生讨论一下.


在批准手术之前, 你必须证明试图通过饮食减肥是无效的.

Our surgeons require patients to demonstrate serious motivation and a clear understanding of the extensive dietary, 减肥手术后必须遵循的锻炼和医疗指南. 此外,你必须准备好承诺长期的后续护理.


All bariatric surgery patients must attend at least three support group meetings before their procedure.

The groups are for current and prospective Bariatric Center patients and family members. 由于讨论的性质,会议只允许成年人参加.

支持小组提供营养专家提供的教育信息, 锻炼, 手术过程和情感支持.



在MaineGeneral, we believe you should have accurate information to help you choose a health care provider or medical practice based on the quality of care you can expect to receive.

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